Imagine. It’s midnight. Your hair and makeup were finished hours ago. You’ve been zipped into your dress, heavy with embellishments, since 8 p.m. Your friends and mother and aunts have poked their heads into the room you occupy to check on you, but they’ve been busy greeting guests for the past few hours and making sure all the lights and flowers in the ballroom are perfect. It’s your wedding day—and there are hundreds of people working behinds the scenes to create the most memorable event for the hundreds of guests. You may never meet the people preparing for your big day, but they have orchestrated these weddings for many years, and by now it’s part of a production. 

Painting the Roses Red is a visual installation, partly inspired by the photographers career, for over a decade, as a successful wedding photographer. And partly with her fascination with the team and individuals who have dedicated time and energy in creating a wonderland of an event for just one night. 

The title “Painting the Roses Red” is a nod to the creators and the artists and their appeasments to the bride in fulfilling her every wish and desire in creating a fantasy world. 

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